New Construction Method
I announce the finished new construction method, new model by joint development this time. 
I offer security and the construction in favorable conditions than a conventional construction method.
Corporate Profile
KOWAN Co.,Ltd.
Company name
KOWAN Co.,Ltd.
088-842-0100 / 088-842-0200
The location
〒781-0270 5033-21, Nagahama, Kouchi-shi, Kochi
Representative director Kazuhiko Yasuoka
Representative director Hideki Yasuoka
The establishment date
March 1, 1982
Duties contents
・Design development, production, sale, lease of the oil pressure-style stake press fit drawing machine
 And it is repaired
・Consultant about the press fit method of construction, technical multiplication, design development
・Engineering works, design development, production, sale of the machine about the construction
・All associated business incidental to all each issue
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Product Information
Alliance Partner
We are recruiting employees working together now.
The offer type of job: Business, machine design, board design, soft development and production
(assembly worker, welder, machinist) 
Please feel free to contact us.
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●Please feel free to contact us.
TEL. 088-842-0100